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A mall that made up of seven storeys:


•   Two storey of Basement car park to accommodate more than 300 vehicles.


•   Five storeys of retail & commercial area of almost 300,000 sqft.


•   55,000 sqft of outdoor car park area to accommodate at least 400 vehicles


•   A 44,000 sqft Grand Hall that can accommodate more than 1,000 pax on a banquet setup.

“A seven storeys'

named Kulai Centre Point



The Advantages

Kulai has a diverse population of estimated 246,721 people in year 2010 as per the pie chart 
beside. The racial diversity coincides with the total Value of Assessed Properties within MPKu authority and Racial Groups in South Johor Economic Region (SJER) Comprehensive Development Plan 2006.

Being within the promotion area of the Iskandar Malaysia plan, more & more developers are eyeing on Kulai for its geographical location of being the preferred leisure and entertainment location for Singaporeans. Developers such as Genting & IOI Group have started to develop their township in Kulai such as Indahpura (Genting) & Bandar Putra (IOI).


Due to the saturated property industry in Johor Bahru, many Malaysian has sought after residence in Kulai. This is made possible by the various highways linking Johor Bahru to Kulai such as the north-south expressway.


Aside from local residence, a steady increase of Singaporean seeking residence in Kulai is also observed. Kulai is within the promotional area in the Iskandar Malaysia plan. Property developers are not only eyeing of the residential sector but also the development of entertainment & lifestyle sector such as the Johor Premium Outlet & Legoland. Both projects are the first in Asia and estimate to attract more than 4 million tourists per year which has significantly boost the economic in Kulai.


Kulai is a strong manufacturing hub in Johor focusing on Electrical & Electronics, High value food processing, Biotech industry & a recent emerging aviation industry due to the location of the Senai International Airport. The Senai Airport currently host domestic flights & minimal international flights but is undergoing rapid upgrading as part of the Iskandar Malaysia Plan to transform Senai Airport into the southern International aviation hub. International flights to Indonesia, Bangkok and many other locations are due to come. 

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